Construction Worker

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Construction workers assist on building and construction sites by doing a range of manual labouring jobs.

Construction workers may perform the following tasks:


Construction workers may specialise by working with particular tradespeople as a trade assistant, such as a plasterer's or bricklayer's labourer, or a carpenter's assistant.

Experienced construction workers may obtain high-risk work licences or 'tickets' to undertake a number of specialised roles, such as concrete workers, doggers, riggers, scaffolders or steel fixers. See the separate entries for these occupations for further information.

Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is responsible for coordinating the construction of large building projects such as hotels, factories, office blocks, home unit developments, schools, hospitals and large housing developments. They make and interpret plans, supervise and direct people working on specific projects, control costs and payments, and negotiate with building owners and subcontractors.

Construction workers mostly work outdoors.

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